Breakfast Call

teaching is like cooking scrambled eggs,

Gordon Ramsay-style.

you start with the eggs fresh from the fridge

of formation (either a cold place or a vessel

of preservation). break gently, pour what’s

inside, and beat finely—sometimes the hard way

is preferable.

next up, the butter—enough flavor to liven the

proceedings, but not obnoxiously diluting

the essence. turn on the heat and stir continuously—

a solution of clarity is what you need.

take the pan off the heat: sometimes, you need

that cool effect. then on again, then off again,

then on again… a never-ending process of

figuring out temperatures and temperaments.

hot and cold, stress and unstress, refire and refresh,

rehash and regrets—

—clank! that sound is the bottom.

assess and re-assess while refining the texture:

a smooth, creamy presence for society’s consumption.

seasoning comes near the end: the salt of the earth

should do the trick.

serve with piping hot passion. this dish can nourish

a life, feed a family, and bring the world what it always

needs: a good morning.

Written by:
Simoun Victor Redoblado
School of St. Anthony

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