Days, long days were spent crossing the tunnel,
To take this journey hand in hand;
To burn the midnight candles, to enrich our minds,
At long last! At the end of its passage we finally glimpse the light!

Energy was fully exerted through the years,
Acquired strength to focus on endless learning;
Driving force was created, but not destroyed,
Remained unbroken from its beginning.

Teamwork was played like in sports,
Between us, our son, and family;
Everyone was pulled together to fuel us,
To win this vision of mental acuity.

Education is the untouchable possession,
The only impalpable inheritance we’d bequeath you”, as our mamas always said,
Thus, became our compelling inspiration,
To read more, to learn more, and to dream more.

Realization of self-potential,
Ingrained in a dream and humble ideals;
Shielded to focus on one common goal,
To value Bank of New York Mellon’s tuition espousal.

Micah, oh thou son, this feat is for you our dearest,
God’s most precious gift, be sad not, be happy at last,
Your innocent question on Saturday mornings, “Where’s daddy, mommy?”
Has come to an end, time to play with daddy and mommy is now plenty.

Impossibility, one of the words we faced not,
Beyond our bewildering schedule, our life’s complexity;
Strived to defeat its entire adversary,
With His power, everything emerged into possibility.

Nurture thy mind, don’t let it suffer,
Like a seed that needs its moonlit water;
Let it grow, bloom into a beautiful flower,
Seems easy, but oh boy, at times t’is hard and weary!

Attitude that’s positive was a catalyst,
To overcome the challenges of thoughts;
To surpass the tests of day to day,
Of tedious assignments, work, marriage and family.

Tenacity was our weapon, a greatest discovery,
Throughout this entire journey;
Continued to spark in us to seize the opportunity,
To conquer the paradox of its simplicity.

Intense momentum is here, is here!
We are rejoicing don’t you see?
Our happiness is beyond a vast sea,
Waiting in a harbor to share, whether in a hot tea or cold beer!

Over seven hundred thirty days has passed,
Amidst of sleepless nights, frenzied summers,
Under the bludgeoning of cold winters,
Be at the school, library or home, heads were bowed to study but now no more (perhaps for a little whileJ)

Now, this joy in our hearts, this God-given blessing,
We humbly like to share with you;
Let our happiness unveil from us to yours,
Please come, celebrate, and savor this moment in our being!… we thank Thee.

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