You and I are born with innate talents,
Pure, God-given gifts,
Destined to be shared,
To be seen,
To be heard.
Thus, open them,
Unwrap them,
Put them to use,
Bring them to life as they intended to be,
They ain’t meant anything otherwise.

If you have the voice, sing out loud
For people to hear;
If you have the hands, paint rainbow colors
For others to see;
If you have the hips, wag your body
And dance around with the wind;
If you have the heart, reach high close to the sky
To touch children and beyond;
If you have the sweet smile, give it without paucity
To bring radiance and lucidity;
If you have the passion to write, to cook, to build, to lead
Plant forth its seed to grow until prosperity.

You may stumble, but you’d learn to get up,
You may get hurt, but you’d feel thy living soul,
You may feel incomplete, but there’s always a second chance,
You may get weary, but there will be a new day,
It’s not the prize or tallest trophies to grab your way,
It’s how you aimed with a purpose,
It’s how you tried to use thy gifts gladly,
It’s how you lived with them even for a moment,
Just know the difference you made through others and yourself,
And that’s what matters anyway.

Written and submitted by:
Myla Templonuevo Granadino

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