Sometimes, you just have to stop. You have to stop doing things for others. Not because you’ve changed nor their value have changed. Not because you don’t love them and not because you no longer care for them, but because you are no longer needed and you’re no longer appreciated.

They say, when you give, you don’t expect something in return. I believe that’s true. But we’re humans and that principle doesn’t fit all the time.

We get hurt. We’re sensitive beings. We feel. And sadly, a lot of us feel so hard. We also need to feel loved and needed, especially by the people we care about. In reality, the love we give needs to be reciprocated. It fuels us to love harder.

They say, happiness is a choice and letting go is what’s best in these kinds of situations. But are you that kind of person? Do you just let go of people? Think. Feel. Are you that person? Most of us aren’t.

They say, letting go of the people who have let you go a long time ago is what you need to do to heal. I agree. The mind can easily process that but the heart can’t. How can you let go of what’s hurting you if that’s what also nurtures you?

I guess that’s the hardest part. There are days that you feel like you can already let go or that you’ve already let go but there are days that you feel so much pain in your heart. The unbearable feeling that crushes your soul seems to never stop. The ache inside you feels like forever. You’re sick as hell. And the only way for you to feel better is with the person who won’t give you the cure.

How can you heal? How? They say, time will help. For most of us, it does. But there are wounds that never heal. The ones we never tried to mend. The ones we’ve tried to mend but the other person didn’t. How can we heal? How can we move on? How can we continue life with this bruised soul? How?

Sometimes, you just have to stop. Stop thinking. Stop worrying. Stop entertaining your unhealthy thoughts. Clichè? Yes. Easier said than done, right? But what can we do? Do you know what to do?

Sometimes, when chaos starts to happen in you, you need to stop.


Stop and pray.

Another clichè? Yes. But what can we do? Do you already know what to do? If you do, these things that hurt your soul shouldn’t be winning until now. You have to stop. Stop and pray.

Most of the time, we don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to feel. We don’t know how to heal. That is when we need to pray; for the things we don’t know, for the things we can’t fix, and for the things that hurt us.

Stop and let Him take over.

Written and submitted by:
alfm | #ADropOfInk

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