The Death of Cinderella

She finally decided to say yes to honey, sweets and bliss,
To walk hand in hand with a man, never to weep.
But as life without struggle would never be complete,
A witch envied Cinderella, she turned herself into an exquisite nymph.
She offered the man everything that Cinderella couldn’t give,
He left Cinderella, forever to weep.
Cinderella mourn day and night, consoling herself with water so deep
Under the moonlight, bathing herself, letting the cold creep.
A warrior emerged from the bushes, grab and rape her.
Helpless cries, hooped wrist and shattered dignity
She crawled beside the river after his deed, void with feelings
Tears falling. Bruised lips. Aching soul.
She went into the water again, to wash herself from the world
She started sinking.
A prince came. He dove into the icy water, determined to save her.
Determined to remove the burden of her cries he heard from afar.
He carried her limp body to the riverside and breathes air through her pale lips.
But try as he might, she’s not moving.
For Cinderella is already dead and never to taste the love too late.
Cinderella is already dead and never to taste the love for it’s too late.

Written by:
Regine Aguilar
Sta. Maria Integrated High School

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