To My Kids With Love

To my kids with love,

I’m jealous,
Yes I’m jealous coz you’ll be happy without me
Jealous that I will only be a memory
I’m jealous coz I’ll be too far from you
Jealous coz I’ll seldom see you soon

I’m lonely that we will part our own ways
Lonely that I’ll not see you everyday
Lonely that things will never be the same way
The radiance will soon be pale

Call me hypocrite, mediocre & dumb
But departing you is quite hard
That lovely sweet smile will never be the same
Those laughters will soon be lame

Thank you for a job well done
Hope you all had some fun
For I believe schooling is not just reading
It’s a time to get sweat while learning

Thank you for the love you’ve shown
For I realized I’m not alone
In this journey of a thousand miles
Where soothing is your sweetest smiles

Thank you for the utmost support
With you I’ve dealt my own storm
I’ve been polished from a simple stone
Now I’m ready to face it on my own

Thank you for giving all your best
Your performance will always manifest
Thank you for making me the best that I can be
My imperfections I’ve come to see

The memories we’ve made
Will only be a story to be shared
Frigging reality as it is
Accept that & be it.

We’ll be too far from each other
But the bond that ties us will be stronger
You always have a place in my heart
Nothing can replace you though we’re apart

Precious will always be you are
You’ve come to bear the battle cry
The bruises & pains you have endured
Made you polished diamonds ought to be treasured

That charming lovely faces will be missed
Genuine smiles will only be seen on screen
Equally worthy kids who’ve been with me
Who wouldn’t be this dreary?

Another chapter have been unfolded
Another road needs to be taken
Another story to be told
Yet the memories we had will always be gold

I’ve come a long way just to be here
Now it’s time to wipe all these tears
Coz every ending is only beginning
Of what awaits us in the silver lining.

I love you my dearest kids
From the deepest part of my heart & veins
I love you my precious kids
See you marching with the drum beat.

An original composition by:
Sir John Christian Lazo

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