Un Dia

One day I’ll be able to forget you.
Crying myself to sleep won’t be an issue.
But I know for sure I’ll miss you.
How I wished you’re here like a tattoo.

One day you’ll understand,
That loving you is like being stuck on a quicksand
I know it’s getting out of hand,
But a single touch melts it all as if it was a magic wand.

One day you’ll reminisce our time.
Little kisses; tastes like a sweet lime
You used to look at me as if I’m divine
And under the moonlight, your smile was my sunshine.

One day you’ll think of me,
Not as your lover but a woman who’s carefree,
That I once loved you but you chose to set me free.
I got stuck, but I’m happy like a tree.

One day we’ll see each other,
I hope you’ll remember our once upon a time when we wished forever.

A day will come when we don’t need to flee,
We’ll both be happy and free like a bee.

On that day, I’ll see ya.
Hasta la proxima mi amor de un dia. ❤

Written by:
Ivy Adena Castillo

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