Your Life is Yours

Do what makes you happy
Explore as long as you’re able
Laugh as hard as you can
Work if you want

Sleep until you burn out
Buy all that you want
Eat untill you get full
Dress as how you get comfortable

Wear make ups if you have
Bring out your swimsuits and ramp
Your dress code will not define you
Even your mistakes will not tell who are you

Ignore, don’t mind them
Don’t get affected or gets broken
Let them think what they want too
Let them, judge you

You don’t need to explain
You don’t need to be cleaned
You don’t need to be justified
You don’t need to impress them

Your life is yours
Only you, knew who you are
As long as you’re not hurting anyone
Go and live as you want.

Written by:
Charlene Semillano
Ma’am Sweet?

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